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Hi my name is Staci Steinbrecher. I am a psychic medium who is also clairvoyant & clairaudient. I can see the future & also connect with the deceased. I have another gift where I can also see spirit & hear spirit.

I do private one on one readings. As I feel spirit will go way deeper and more intimate when it’s just the sitter, spirit & I. My goal is to always be able to give them the best reading from their loved one.


Giving people hope & healing. Bringing closure & comfort. I use my gift to communicate with loved ones on the other side to bring healing to people here.


I am a communicator, connector and a messenger between two worlds. I am the link that connects people that have already crossed over with people that are still here.

Gabriel’s Gates is named after my brother who has passed. Gabriel is my gatekeeper spirit guide. Which means he is in charge of letting spirits in. He makes sure that the spirit is for my highest good. He protects me. As he works with me and my spirits daily. My brother communicates with me from heaven. As I said to him before he passed. “You are the psychologist here and I’m the one for up there”.


I’ve always known since I was a little girl that I could connect to the deceased. While also predicting things in the future. As I got older it only grew stronger. But then as I was became an adult. I could hear people and see things more and more. So I started doing readings. As people’s loved ones kept coming to me with messages to give to them. 

Then when my brother passed away. I had gone to a psychic medium. She knew that I was just like her. At that point I started taking classes. She taught me how to understand spirit more and also myself. That’s how I ended up where I am today.


My purpose in life is to help others. Others who are grieving. Who are stuck in their loss and unable to move forward. Some want to just hear from their loved ones (including people and pets) from the other side that have past. I worked together with my guides, spirits & their loved ones to give them their messages from the other side. To help them take that next step in their life to be able to move forward in their grief. To realize they are still there with them. That their life here is to still go on and be lived.

As for my psychic readings. It’s to help others make decisions in their lives. People that need guidance in their personal life and business. God gave me a gift and I feel I am here to serve and help others in their journeys in life. To find that happiness again in their life. My sole purpose and being a psychic medium is to help others in their life.

I will only bring up positive things in your past and your life. I do not bring up negative things that have hurt you in the past. As my only goal to help you and your grief to help you move forward.


I hope to help you on your journey.
Please read our testimonials.

Staci is not only a very good person, she is excellent in what she does. She has a "gift" as a psychic medium--very intuitive and "present" and tuned into her subject. I would highly recommend her. A lovely lady inside and outside. AND, very trustworthy.
— Rita P.

Highly recommend! Staci was spot on ! She was very compassionate and felt she truly cared. Her reading has helped me heal spiritually. I have been to several psychics over the years. Definitely going back to Staci. She knew things I forgotten about and in detail.
— Dottie.

Staci was recommended to me by a friend. She was able to connect with my father who passed 54 years ago, my husband who passed 10 years ago & other family members. It was comforting to hear from them. Staci is fantastic, I would highly recommend her.
— Anna.

Staci just knows things. During a recent reading she brought light to love of those that have past, showing me they are always with me. Not only bringing tears to my eyes but warmth to my heart..

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Staci's readings. She has provided me comfort and clarity through some of my toughest times. Whether it was the passing of a loved one or losing a dog, she helped me find peace when I desperately needed it. I would highly recommend Staci to anyone!
— Michael .

Talking with Staci has been life changing. My parents passed away within 6 months of each other, which has been extremely difficult. The amount of grief and loss that I’ve felt following that has been almost unbearable. Staci has been able to bring my parents back to me in a way I can’t even put into words. She has a true gift and being able to connect you to your loved ones. I swear that my mother was directly talking to me (through Staci) at one point. My father (who is not one of many words) also came forward in his own manner. Staci communicated his message to me in a way that I knew it was true and real. She is one of the most genuine souls that I’ve ever met, and has provided me with enough peace to begin my healing process. Not only has she done that, but she’s given me a friend for life.

Staci approached me at an event and said there was something she had to share with me. Not long before the event, my husband & I dealt with the painful and sudden loss of my mother in law. Without knowing much about the details of the situation, Staci quietly and kindly pulled me aside and said she wanted to share something with me. She shared details she couldn't have known unless my mother in law shared them with her. It immediately gave me chills and I almost started bawling in the middle of this event lol It just threw me off guard because I hadn't asked her for a reading; Staci just said she had to get that message to me. Since then, we've become even better friends and she's done wonders for my sister in law specifically. Im looking forward to my next ready with Staci. She is the REAL deal. She works from the heart, and takes all of her energy to make sure you have the most accurate experience as possible. I STRONGLY recommend you see for yourself! She's the best!
— Laura.

I have known Staci for years professionally. I have a personal and professional relationship with her. Until recently I didn't realize the profession she is in. Staci has had too many things that she is aware of in my life that if you weren't a family member you wouldn't know. Staci has mentioned alot of my life that only my deceased family members would know . She is awesome at her profession. I can't thank her enough.
— Paul.

Are you wondering on how to connect with loved ones or seeking an opportunity to learn more about current or future life events? Well, you've come to the right place because in my opinion and personal experience, Staci is your answer on how to do so. Staci is a gifted psychic medium that is genuine and warm. She embodies the true definition of leading a life through love and as a result, she is able to receive accurate messages from spirit. I encourage anyone that is hurting or in need of answers to schedule a reading with her. It will truly be a life changing experience!
— Haley.


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